Melhores Comunicações

Melhores Comunicações

Durante o IJUP a Comissão Científica avaliou as comunicações orais e por poster e foram selecionados os seguintes candidatos:


Agrofood & Environment

Comunicações Orais
Bruno Sousa
14138 | Role of tomato glutathione-S-transferase and the contribution of glutathione metabolism-related enzymes in response to diclofenac - molecular and biochemical approaches

Hélder Fontes
14200 | Simultaneous production of benzaldehyde and hydrogen: Photocatalytic reforming of benzyl alcohol over metal-loaded graphitic carbon nitride

Menção Honrosa
Jorge Lopes
14139 | Responses of tomato plants after the exposure to Cr(VI)


Arts & Architecture

Comunicações Orais
Ana Filipa Dias
14040 | (Re)Building the Heritage of Douro's architectural landscapes. The case study of Caldas do Moledo.

Clara Silva
13918 | From memory to imagination, how many steps it goes. A Theory which attempts to understand how reality, Memory and Imagination work in the Drawing Practice.

Comunicações Por Poster
Menção Honrosa
Gabriel Correia
14230 | Architecture and Virtual Reality - Inhabiting the FAUP building


Biological Sciences

Comunicações Orais
Madalena Real
14051 | Searching for the developmental origin of the visual system in Molluscs

Miguel Montez
14070 | Insights about the molecular control of seed dormancy/germination: R-loops regulate transcription at DOG1 locus

Menção Honrosa
Alexandra Teixeira
14152 | Is there horizontal transfer of BCR-ABL and drug resistance mediated by extracellular vesicles released by BCR-ABL+ cells resistant to Imatinib mesylate?

Comunicações Por Poster
Lídia Rocha
14065 | Exploring the bioactivity of white wine phenolics in the context of type II diabetes and Alzheimer disease interlink

Luís Póvoas
14075 | The influence of atmospheric pollution in the expression of allergens in Betula pendula pollen

Menção Honrosa
Inês Costa
14186 | Comparative evolutionary analyses of the protein-protein interactions of the wild-type polyQ proteins ataxin-2 and androgen receptor, associated with neurodegenerative disorders in Homo sapiens



Comunicações Orais
Daniela Resende
14291 | Vitamin A encapsulation in lipid nanoparticles for food applications: development, characterization and stability

Menção Honrosa
Cláudia Sousa
14194 | Study of chemical contaminants that occur during the curing process of smoked products

Comunicações Por Poster
Joana Cardoso
14058 | Fucoidan/Chitosan nanoparticles: the influence of type and amount of polysaccharides

Menção Honrosa
Sílvia Rocha
14226 | Differentiation of Portuguese wines according to their multi-elemental analysis

Menção Honrosa
Soraia Pinto
14014 | Nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) as a promising drug delivery system for streptomycin delivery



Comunicações Orais
Beatriz Pereira
14029 | Towards Bionic Teeth

Menção Honrosa
Carolina Jorge
13907 | Predictive Model for Acceptance of Occasional Deliveries

Comunicações Por Poster
Ana Cláudia Brás
13909 | Resistance of geosynthetics used in the base liner system of waste landfills against mechanical damage induced by different aggregates


Health & Sport Sciences

Comunicações Orais
Rafael Gonçalves Rocha
13923 | Titin Phosphorylation by Protein Kinase G as a Novel Mechanism of Diastolic Adaptation to Acute Load

Menção Honrosa
Joana Reis
14193 | Liquid biopsy: a game changer in the management of lung cancer patients

Menção Honrosa
Vânia Neves
14105 | Physiologic and stroke mechanics characterization of long distance front crawl

Comunicações Por Poster
Ana Rita Brás
13920 | Aneuploidy promotes intestinal dysplasia in Drosophila

Susana Lima
14175 | Complex pre- and postsynaptic effects of DAMGO on excitability of spinal lamina I projection and local-circuit neurons

Menção Honrosa
Beatriz Domingues
14176 | DCA and everolimus as possible therapies to overcome resistance to MAPK inhibitors treatment in cutaneous melanoma patients


Maths & Physics

Comunicações Orais
Margarida Pereira
14262 | Heart rate variability and baroreflex in patients with severe brain injury

Pedro Ribeiro
14285 | The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra obtained from Quantum Mechanics

Comunicações Por Poster
Menção Honrosa
Nuno Arala
14289 | Playing Snooker on the sides of a box


Psychology & Education Sciences

Comunicações Orais
Marisa Azevedo
14190 | A Leader Experiencing Unemployment - A Case Study

Stanislav Tsisar
14130 | Assessment Methods in Anatomy - Comparing Traditional Approach and Computer-based Assessment

Comunicações Por Poster
Menção Honrosa
Cláudia Vasconcelos
14005 | (Homophobic) Bullying among Students of the University of Porto: Factors and Experiences in the Webs of Gender and Sexual Orientation.


Social & Human Sciences

Comunicações Orais
Svitlana Ostapenko
13930 | Success of Cluster of Demarcated Douro Region under the light of Cluster Life Cycle Theory

Menção Honrosa
Ana Raquel Silva
14279 | The benefits of the progymnasmata in modern day classrooms: articulation between comprehension and writing

Menção Honrosa
Inês Neves
13914 | Justifying the contribution of Rainer Forst to an idea of justice

Comunicações Por Poster
Paulo Neto
14110 | Implementing time-driven activity based costing system


A Comissão Científica e a Comissão Organizadora parabenizam todos os estudantes. A sessão de distinção das melhores comunicações realizar-se-á no dia 13 de março, às 11h00, e terá lugar no Salão Nobre da Reitoria da Universidade do Porto.

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